The American Association of Women (AAW) was founded in 1984 in California and operates as a non-profit, educational organization under IRS Section 501.(c)(3). Our mission is to encourage women and the general public to become involved, interested and knowledgeable on the formation of public policy and in the governmental process. Through its initiatives the AAW provides a means for civic-minded individuals to become informed, to initiate debate, evaluate issues, to challenge the status quo to problem solving and to encourage civic responsibility to benefit the local community and the nation. Over the years the AAW has addressed public policy issues that affect national, state and local policy. 

  • In 1986, due to extensive research by AAW on Blood Transfusion Safety, a presentation was made before the American Blood Commission meeting, Arlington, Virginia.
  • AAW researched the affects of gang violence on secondary education, which led to participation at a White House Conference on Education in 1987.
  •  The AAW formation of the Citizens Protection Alliance and telephone Hot Line in 1993 focused public attention on the ineffectiveness of local law enforcement and resulted in citizen participation in community efforts to deter street crime.
  • In 1992 the AAW analyzed higher education tuition policies to ensure consistency with State and Federal law. The research resulted in legal action which upheld previous court decisions.
  • In January 1999 the AAW began production of a special documentary television series, exploring the relationship between the U. S. Attorney General, the U. S. President and Special/Independent Prosecutors. The series is a definitive, first-hand account of how America investigates the Presidency.


Leslie C. Dutton, President
(Producer & Host of the Full Disclosure Television Program)

Lorraine Colich, AAW Corporate SecretaryDelegate, National Assistance League of the United States
AAW Founding Board Member 1984

James B. Reidy, Jr., Treasurer
(Prof. Emeritus L. A. Pierce College Computer Science)

Esther Rushford Greene, Director (Emeritus)
(Retired Chief Deputy. Director, Calif. Dept. Economic Development)